Exact is directed by two principals who share a vast experience in various areas of investigation.

Leanne Smith - Director
Leanne has over ten years experience in the investigation industry. Her career began in the Commercial-Finance sector, where she quickly discovered a natural ability and passion for the investigative aspects of her positions.
Leanne conducted years of thorough and highly successful operations with a bare minimum of resources, which enabled her to develop ingenious and unique techniques and methods. As a Director of Exact Investigations, Leanne's skills are highly valued by Financial Institutions. She has excellent interviewing skills, and the ability to quickly adapt to a variety of situations with great sensitivity. Leanne has a comprehensive knowledge of all current laws and acts governing the investigation industry.

David McAlister - Director
David is a qualified Auto Electrician, and in this role learned the fine details of the Automotive industry. He established Pit Bull Towing in 1995, which was regularly used by commercial agents to secure and transport repossessions because of David's expert ability to gain damage free access to locked vehicles.
David has excellent negotiating skills, and is able to maintain great calm, a highly valued skill in tense situations. David has resolved many motor vehicle fraud accounts, and is a skilled skip tracer. His amazing electronic skill has enabled Exact Investigations to develop superior camera systems which service situations ranging from day to day businesses to complete covert operations.
Both Leanne and David continue to work alongside Exact's field agents, to monitor quality and to maintain a practical insight into what is involved in assignments.