This service includes:

  • Attending given address and employment address if applicable.
  • Making contact with your customer and negotiating recommencement payments.
  • Collecting any offered funds or monitoring initial stage of arrangements.
  • Updating contact details.
  • Ensuring customer contacts your office during the times our agent is present.
  • Providing regular updates and a detailed final report.

If your customer has left the address we will:
  • Find and contact the Managing agent.
  • Follow up any offered leads.
  • Conduct basic searches through Telstra, API, etc.
  • Attend any new address and interview the customer.


In the case of a Voluntary Surrender, an Exact Agent will:

  • Attend the address and have the customer sign a voluntary surrender form.
  • Inspect and secure the vehicle and arrange transport to the specified auction house.
  • Within the Sydney Metropolitan area the Voluntary Surrender cost includes towing using the Exact Tilt Tray Tow Truck. Voluntary Surrenders in other areas of Australia will be quoted on before commencement of any action.


Exact Investigations can ensure secure delivery of legal documents such as Statement of Liquidated Claim, Family Law, etc. We will arrange for an Affidavit to be completed and submit this with a full written report.